D-Max Corporate provides several services:

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Managing Director

We provides both corporate (managing) and personal directorship (proxy holders). Monitoring the local registration formalities, communication with governmental authorities and the Central Bank administration and ensures that everything is in accordance with Dutch legislation and requirements.


We use company address to provide domicile to clients. Our domiciliation services include: providing your company with an official registered address, all mail for your company will be received at our address. We ensures that all communications received are processed correctly and all necessary reports are filled for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, the Dutch Central Bank and the Dutch Tax Authorities.

Administrative services

We can take care of all bookkeeping, preparation and filling of the financial statements. Keeping all records in accordance with the requirements of Dutch legislation. Depending on your needs we can arrange for day - to - day bookkeeping, monthly/quarterly/semi annual reporting and the preparation of your statutory accounts.These services also include managing of bank accounts.

Why us?

Our way of working

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Needs analysis

We listen to what clients want. Our clients are important to us, we constantly interact with them and work to always do the right thing by them.

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Creative thinking

Sometimes you just need to think out of the box. Creativity is the key fundamental to the success of any business.

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Put it in action

We help our clients to achieve their plans in short term.

Our Partners